Dear Rugby Club, 

I am a passionate, diligent and creative professional skills coach, full time head of rugby, and the creator of Evolution Rugby Online Coaching - www.EvoRugby.co.uk 

As a Specialist Skills Coaching Consultant, driven by my love of helping individuals and teams excel on and off the field of play, I would very much like to visit you and your athletes to provide a demonstration of my unique Evasion Agility Skills Coaching. 


I have decoded key components that underpin elite agility movement and created a specialist course in “Evade & Xcel.” My coaching can provide players of all abilities a unique tried and tested program in how to perform over 20 evasion steps, to emulate the best attacking players in the world. Whether a forward or a back, I guarantee that I can provide your players with a new tool, an edge and a new vision for their attacking play. 

WhyTrainEvasion AgilitySkills?

Research has shown that, “The execution of complex motor skills such as agility is dependent on selective attention and advance cue recognition of the contextual environment - players who receive a ball at higher running speed using evasive stepping patterns are more likely to dominate a tackle contest.” (Keane Wheeler, 2010) 

• 60 % of breakdown losses occur through a direct and straight running line 

• 72 % Of tackle-breaks displayed patterns of side-stepping evasive attacking agility 

• 96 % of tackle-breaks occur with good contact intensity 

• 40 % of tackle-breaks occur with a fend 

• 84 % of tackle-breaks are achieved through an evasive side-step and a good fend 


Your Players will Improve and Develop: 

  • • Acceleration drive and running technique 

  • • Evasive agility 

  • • Manipulation of space, defenders and contact 

  • • Line breaks and offload skills 

  • • Overlap creation and execution 

  • • Cue recognition and visual processing skills 

  • • Overall decision making and attacking vision 

  • • General motor skills and nervous system adaptation 

  • • Attacking confidence and focus under pressure 


The Evade & Xcel Agility course has been kindly supported by world renowned professor Ian Jeffreys. Regarded as a leading authority in the development of speed, agility and conditioning for team sports, where his unique ‘Gamespeed’ system and ‘RAMP warm-up’ protocols have been adopted by a wide range of coaches and organisations. 

The Coaching How?

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do martial art, my coaching philosophy is built around minimal effort and maximum effect within a fluid, layered, learning focused, measured and enjoyable coaching process. I empower teams and individuals with knowledge, skills and confidence enabling them to develop a variety of tools to express themselves and perform at their best in every attacking situation. 

My aim is not to take away from the fantastic work done by team coaches, but rather to provide an additional support and stimuli working with coaches to provide players with a blueprint and plan to master skills and ‘Xcel.’ 

For information & booking E: JoeGoodman@Evolutionrugby.co.uk C: 07789378803 


Player Testimonials 

Ben Moon – Exeter Chiefs & England 

‘Being coached by someone with such enthusiasm for the game of rugby was something that made training so easy and enjoyable. I learnt a lot from Joe, not just about the sport’s big picture, but more about the finer arts within the game, especially the technicalities of Scrummaging and forward footwork in attack. For example, how to use other people’s shape and weight to your advantage. Joe was very helpful to me as an aspiring young player.’ 

Matt Luamanu – Harlequins, Treviso, Auckland, Kyuden Voltex, Wellington & New Zealand 20s 

‘Joe was always very approachable and has great knowledge about the game of rugby and how to develop players. I was always kept on my toes in the skills and scenario training; it was awesome, something challenging and different every time. I hope to be able to play under his watchful eye again one day!’ 

Olly Robinson – Cardiff Blues, Bristol Bears, Loughborough University & England 18s 

‘I enjoyed working with Joe very much; he’s an ambitious coach who is so passionate about rugby. Approachable, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about the game, Joe turned a very average team I played for, in to one with a winning mentality. Having worked with Joe my passing technique is now more efficient and accurate. I’ve improved my communication and leadership skills. I now also have a greater appreciation for the tactical side of rugby.’ 

Pete Laverick – Exeter Chiefs, Cornish Pirates, Exeter University & Bath Rugby 

‘Joe has had a profound impact on my development as a player from an early age. He is a quality skills coach who’s varied and challenging coaching and guidance has helped me reach my potential. Whether it’s been evasion, passing, kicking or situational training Joe has provided me with guidance and technical support throughout. I look forward to continuing to train under his expert guidance.’ 

Sam Jeffries – Bristol University, England Students & Bristol Bears 

‘Joe has provided me with an insight into the required levels of performance at the top of the sport. We regularly run through specific areas of our games in analysis and skills sessions that have helped make not only an impact on the pitch, but also realise the work we need to put in every day to achieve as professional players. Joe’s detailed skills coaching, and promotion of self-reflection has helped to build knowledge, confidence and leadership with every game.’ 

Coaching References 

I’ve been privileged to work alongside and be supported by various top-level coaches working in Schools, 

Regional Clubs, BUCS Super Rugby, Championship Clubs, Premiership Clubs and International Teams. 

For further information & to book a free training session E: JoeGoodman@Evolutionrugby.co.uk C: 07789378803